Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Cleanup

In the garden this is the season of cleanup, so here are some pictures of my fall efforts during the blogging hiatus. I emptied most of the finished compost from my back bin and distributed it between my cold frame bed and my big garden plot (at least the parts that aren't still growing lima beans). I didn't put any on the last couple feet of the big garden bed because I am thinking about seeding that back to grass, or maybe putting some shade-tolerant shrubs there. That part of the garden did very badly and I think it is just too heavily shaded by my neighbor's tree.

I saved a little compost to "seed" the new bin. I also pulled my big basil plants out of the ground and made yummy pesto. Look at this beautiful basil bouquet!

I transplanted several of the little basil plants into pots to bring inside for winter, but left a few in there. I planted some spinach where the large basil plants were.

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