Monday, August 16, 2010


Here are some things I harvested over the weekend in my garden. These tomatoes were all that was still living on my tomato plants, which may (or may not) have died of a mosaic virus. The carrot is from a recycling bin with last year's potting soil in it. I composted the soil from the rest of my bins, but I had a sunny spot, and a packet of carrot seeds that will never grow in my clay soil, so...why not? There are several more in there - I pulled this one because it was too close to its neighbor. N agreed to be the guinea pig, and said it was surprisingly good! The stick-looking things on the right are edamame that I tried to let dry in the garden. I was hoping to save them for planting next year, but they don't look very large - I kind of wish I ate them! Oh well, there is another round coming in and I will be sure to eat those ones.


  1. The carrots last year were a lot smaller. I definitely think the loose soil helped them grow bigger. What is the metric for "looseness of soil"? What kind of soil should carrots have? Let's fix this.

    This is very important to me, because I love carrots.

  2. Presto-chango! Make garden soil loam-o!

  3. Great-I don't think anyone liked carrots except "Basil Carrots"