Friday, August 6, 2010


Okay, I promised myself I wouldn't blog about anything on here except gardening, but I am so excited!!!! Last year during one of my many thesis-procrastinating internet binges I read quite a bit of this blog, where I saw the neatest thing - a gingerbread house mold!

I was, typically, intimidated by the Martha Stewart perfection of this family but at the same time wildly jealous of this awesome thing they had. (I rarely lust after things, but I must admit - I coveted.) I put it from my mind for several months, thinking, "Maybe I'll find one on Ebay someday..." Until one day, wandering the crowded aisles of my new favorite thrift store, I came upon it!

I am giddy just thinking about it, waiting for Christmas when I can make my very own crappy imitation of their unique homemade gifts!

Did I mention it's double-sided? There's a whole other house on the other side!!

(Jeeez, you would think I had spotted Martha herself.)


  1. So Cool!! Which is your new favorite thrift store?

  2. Cool, that sounds like fun. I hope you'll put up photos of the finished product in December.

  3. @Ellie -
    My new favorite (where I got this) is Value Village in Hyattsville. In addition to neat items like this, they have one of the most organized kids clothing sections (not much competition here, though) and always have lots of new-to-you toys. It is, however, one of the more - hmm, how to say this - depressing thrift stores in the area. I am never surprised to run into a homeless person in there, or someone clearly in a very bad mental/physical/financial situation. It is also not the cleanest thrift store around. In short, Laurel Thrift is probably better for people with no kids.