Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Spinach is Bolting

This happy spinach plant that I planted last fall is starting to get taller and lift its leaves up, telling me that it is going to go to seed soon. Spinach does this when it starts to get hot, and it's always sad because it means the leaves will start to turn bitter. (Maybe the plant metabolizes the sugars to grow the flower?)

This year it's especially sad because all those little plants you see around it are baby spinach that I planted this spring that didn't even get close to harvesting, and will probably bolt (go quickly to seed) pretty soon. I am anxiously watching the growth of my malabar spinach, which has a second set of leaves now!

I'm sad to see spring go, but I'm excited for strawberries next week at my favorite pick-your-own farm and peaches probably at the farmer's market by the end of the month. Changing seasons always offer something to look forward to.


  1. The spinach is bolting?!? You'd better go catch it!

  2. Can't you make a quiche out of it or something?