Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Garden Plan Work-In-Progress

Here is a picture of my original plan for the new garden:

It's a little inaccurate in the placement of some daylilies and a blueberry bush, and the grey shaded area isn't quit the right size and shape to represent my pergola and the accompanying bed of coneflowers. Once I had the garden put together and the paths in I decided to update it to this:
You may notice there are still some ?'s in there. I removed a ridiculously small area that I had previously marked for squash, so I had a few extra square feet to distribute. I'm not sure what I'll do with them. Maybe I'll have some extra annual flowers to stick in there, and then I'll have good places to plant fall crops when the time comes. For some reason in the fall I have a hard time making myself pull out plants that are still eeking out a cucumber a week to put in new ones.

Renee Michelle asked in a comment how important it is to have a garden plan. I started to answer, but got long-winded and decided to defer. In fact this is the first year I have ever used a plan - usually I just end up holding a pile of seed packs and standing over my plot scratching my head about where to fit it all in. But then a week or two after planting I end up scratching my head over what exactly I did plant, and where, and did I decide to go ahead and put the beans in or wait a couple more weeks? And if I didn't plant the beans, did I leave room for them? If so, where? Last year I tried a spreadsheet of seeds planted, including variety, location, dates, and notes. But this strategy relied critically on my being willing to fire up the laptop and enter things in a spreadsheet every week or so. I did...pretty good. But when faced with the thought of doing something similar with a garden 2-3 times as big? No. So I have a plan. And the planning part was fun, too! It really brightened up my January!

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