Saturday, February 16, 2013

Belated Harvest Notes

In my kitchen, next to the stove, there is a white board hanging on the wall where I like to write out the next week's worth of dinners.  I'm not really great about keeping the list rolling - sometimes it doesn't get updated for weeks at a time.  But then I am reminded how much I hate that 5:30-what's-for-dinner feeling and I get myself back on track. 

However, for the past year the dinner menu has been squished into the bottom half of the white board, with harvest records sandwiched up at the top (out of kid eraser reach).  What's shameful about this is that the current records aren't even up-to-date; they're from back in October when I decided not to post anymore harvest notes.  So here is a belated (and final) harvest note post:

3 lbs, 13 oz tomatoes
1 lb, 15 oz green tomatoes (the ones I pulled before the frost could get them)
3 watermelons
9 heads lettuce (total for this winter was more like 30)
3 rosa bianca eggplants
30 grn peppers (pulled before the frost)
1 red pepper
7 chili peppers
3 celeriac (winter total about 6, plus more in the ground)
5 carrots (we've been rolling in carrots; I pulled over 3 lbs before the recent cold snap, with about that many left in the garden)
1 bowl peas (most got eaten in the garden; the early planting didn't make it)

And with that, I am done with blogging harvest notes.  Starting this season I plan to keep notes about my harvests on paper, recording them directly out of the garden.

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  1. I try to do the same thing - planning out meals each week, although I don't have a whiteboard and use boring old paper. My reckoning happens at 8pm rather than 5:30, but it sounds like the same feeling.