Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Seed Collecting

Echinacea seed collection

Ever since the marigold coup I've been very enthusiastic about collecting my own seeds.  Above you can see a bunch of spent coneflower blossoms that M gave me from his garden.  I'm hoping to plant at least some of these in a flower bed I'm building in the community space next to my plot.

When I am at the garden sometimes I just take a look around me and marvel at the number of seeds that surround me.  At this time of year the tiniest little perennial grass that pops up unnoticed between my beans will quickly produce a whole raft of seeds.  Dandelion tufts are also coming up.  Every pepper plant in my garden has hundreds of seeds dangling from its branches.  The peas R is gobbling up at the back of the garden are seeds.  My bean patch is full of pods drying on the plants.  Big, bushy clover plants pop up overnight and form delicate little yellow flowers, as has the broccoli head I missed harvesting a few weeks ago.  Wildflowers cover the untended plots in the back corners, and long pinecones spill out of the treeline nearby. 

We are positively surrounded.

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