Thursday, May 24, 2012

Journal: 5/24/12

At the community garden:

finished laying plastic over tomato beds
staked all but five tomato plants (sigh...ran out of cages)
picked remaining broccoli, pac choi, lots of spinach and peas
removed second cover from broccoli bed
weeded carrot bed

At home:
planted seeds for watermelon, yellow squash, zucchini, pumpkin, and tromboncino squash


  1. Oh, I have tomato cages! 3, I think. And I definitely am not taking them to our new house.
    I'll drop them by your house this evening.
    Also, what the heck is trombocino squash?

  2. You must tumble into bed at night !! also maybe John wants /or will take the daisies or irises

  3. Thanks for the cages, Ellie! To answer your question, a tromboncino squash is a green summer squash - like a zucchini - but the squash have a long, curvy neck with a ball at the end. I'm growing them in place of two of my summer squash vines this year because they're supposed to be drought-resistant, and less palatable to insects. We'll see.

  4. @Susan - good idea! I'll ask John about the flowers.