Saturday, November 5, 2011

State of the Garden

Community Garden Plot
 I haven't been spending enough time at the community garden the last few weeks.  There's been plenty of work to do at home, and, er....I've been sewing.  Fortunately the weather has slowed down the weeds and the bugs and the harvest enough that I'm sort of getting away with it.

Anyway, R and A and I went out there the other day and did some pea picking and work and poking around.  I keep meaning to go ahead and set up my tomato bed for next year (more on that later...) but I am waffling now about where to put it and wether I should stick to the same bed layout as last year or narrow the paths and/or widen the beds.  I'm being seduced by the idea of planting just a little more of...everything.  Meanwhile I've been clearing away weeds and squishing bugs - cabbage worms, to be precise.  You can see the kind of damage they do in the photo on the right.  I keep hoping the damn moths will die already, but no such luck.

Two cauliflowers growing side-by-side

Cabbage patch
The broccoli and cauliflower are fighting the good fight, but the cabbage is clearly winning, just as it did in my home garden in the spring.  Is it the purple leaves?  I don't know.  The garlic is coming up, both here and at home, and the peas are producing quite a lot.  R has always been reluctant to eat sugar snap peas, but this time he spent a good hour bringing me pea pods to break open so he could eat the tiny peas inside.  After he painstakingly picked the peas out I would eat the pods (frost damaged and oh-so-great!), until finally curiosity got the best of him and he (after licking, scrunching up his face, holding it cautiously between his lips, etc) crunched through the pod whole.  And I didn't get a single speck of pea after that!

R sorting through pea pods to find the "nice, fat ones".

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