Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Changing of the Gaurd (Fall Cleanup)

Inside my compost bin
A bunch of fall cleanup work is slowly getting done around the house.  I screened the last of the 2011 compost and started next year's pile with some of the earliest leaves.  (Since this photo was taken the bin has been filled to above the 2/3 line.)  Our three maples and neighbor E's big tree will fill this several times over.  Extras get stored in contractor bags until the compost starts to shrink down.
Garlic shoot in my home garden
I brought in the basil plant I potted up earlier in the month, and my new ginger plant.  Now the only things in the home garden are the last of the hot peppers (soooo many of them), some lettuce seedlings that were probably planted too late, and these cute garlic shoots. 
 I also painted the adirondack chair, and N and I watersealed the new picnic table.  N cleaned out the rain gutters, though they may need another look sometime in December.  Finally, I emptied the new water barrel, which the Aquabarrel people say is not for use during winter.  The representative actually said I needed to find it an indoor spot for the winter, but our shed is too full (what on earth do people do with 10 of these things?) so I settled for a nice sheltered spot next to the back fence and the shed.  I'll put a couple bricks on top later to make sure it doesn't blow away.

On a more fun note, remember the volunteer potatoes that were sprouting in the container near the back fence (see Apparently I'm Incorrigible)?  I cut down a bunch of weeds/trees that were shading them and they look really happy.  Maybe I'll have another round of new potatoes next month? 


  1. Wow, you've been busy! It looks like you're ready for winter.

  2. Ha! Not even close to ready, but it will come anyway!