Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Little Garden Surprise

Mystery plant

During the exceptionally lovely weather last weekend N and I got some long overdue yard work done.  (Not the mowing of course...we never seem to get to that!)  N borrowed a small electric chainsaw from a neighbor and cut up a massive tree branch that was broken but not knocked down during the hurricane, and helped me screen the second half of this summer's compost.  I cleared away some weeds from the front half of my home garden bed and spread the finished compost over it, hoping that maybe next year I'll make better use of that space. 

In the midst of all this I discovered and pulled up the mystery plant seen in the photo above.  I planted it last spring never got anything from it - it apparently didn't get sufficient light to grow until my neighbor's tree started losing its leaves.  I pulled it out because there is no hope it'll produce anything in weather this cold.  Any guesses?

1 comment:

  1. Some sort of squash? Pumpkin comes to mind because of the time of year...