Monday, September 12, 2011

Apparently I'm Incorrigible

Potatoes from home

Last spring I planted potatoes in old recycling totes in my yard. Then after I got my community garden plot I planted the leftover spuds out there. The potatoes at the community garden you've heard a lot about already, but the potatoes at home had a rough year. The spot I picked out for them was a lot less sunny this year than last, and they were so far away from the hose spicket that I'm afraid they didn't get quite as much water as they should have, either. The plants eventually fell over and died, and I let them go out of sympathy. (And, I must admit, laziness.) Then the other day, while I was playing with R in the backyard, I glanced over at the bin and noticed something green peeking over the edge. Though I knew I deserved nothing whatsoever from the home garden potatoes, I dared to stick my hand down into the soil next to it.

Young potato plants

Sure, enough, when I dug down into the bin I found a bunch of other little potatoes getting ready to sprout.  (See the photo at the top of this post.)  It wasn't a bad haul for a recycling tote, actually. The garlic I planted in the other two totes also didn't get enough water, and I wrote it off. But it is sprouting as well!

Garlic sprouts

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