Monday, July 11, 2011

A Rain Barrel!

A couple weeks ago I was going through the local paper and came across a notice about a "Garden Workshop" being held the following Saturday at the public works building a couple blocks from my house.  Details were scarce, but they did mention they would be giving away 10 free Aquabarrel rain barrels, and I was a little stir-crazy anyway, so I went.  It turned out to actually be a pretty good lecture about water-wise landscaping, and - I won a rain barrel!  It came with all the necessary fixtures and special tools, so N was able to install it easily, and after just two thunderstorms the barrel was completely full!

Since I was wearing A in a baby carrier and I walked to the lecture, I wasn't really sure how to get it home.  Fortunately one of the other lucky winners was a really nice young woman from the University of Maryland public health garden project.  You have to check this project out - they brought in goats to clear out the land for their garden.

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