Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unlucky Patsy!

Well, it turns out that Gauss was not eating my seedlings (see World's Worst Cat...).  Several days ago I transplanted a bunch of petunias from a frozen lunch tray into Soho cups and moved them down the basement.  When I went back to check on them two days later three of them had been eaten down to nubs.  (And a few other things as well!)  I'm positive Gauss hasn't been down there, so he is off the hook.  I went ahead and moved everything but the tomatoes and dill upstairs and N is going to hang a light fixture in the downstairs bedroom for them.

I'm not really sure how to make it up to Gauss.  I did splash his wanted picture all over the internet.  Maybe a can of tuna?


  1. Poor Gauss. You'd better hope he doesn't sue you for defamation of character. But we can probably depend on cats' poor memories. Apologize to him for me too - I believed he was capable of such shenanigans.

  2. Ha, ha! Luckily I am a ruthless dictator with monopolistic control over the doors, the telephone, and - most importantly - the food and water supply! I don't think we'll have any trouble from him.