Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring, You Devil

The tough thing about blogging about a garden is that the best time of year is also the worst time of year.  There's so much great stuff going on right now and I'm in my garden so much and think of all these great things I could blog about, but have so little time to actually do it.  So here's another random collection of photographs with woefully little dialogue.

These little flowers look like grapes; I have no idea what they're called - do you?

Some cilantro and parsley made it through the winter!

This lilac bush went from leafless to covered in flowers in about a week.

The elusive may apple blossom - will I get to see it this year?

Pea sprouts!

Strawberry blossoms forming

My temporary upstairs light setup.

Mid-spring garden photo

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  1. Grape hythanth (sp)and love all the lilac-- one of the many we can't view here