Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No Progress Today

For those who are following the progress on our water/mud situation (see the last several posts), nothing really happened today.  The temporary water supply is continuing to work and the basement is continuing to dry out, other than the rain we got last night, which is seeping in at normal springtime levels.  Basically everything is waiting on the contractor who is supposed to bore the hole for our new supply pipe; he supposedly is waiting on the arrival of a special retrieval drill bit that will pull his drill bit out from under our house.  The plumber (who sub-contracted the hole-boring part of this job) says that the bore guys should be back tomorrow.  No news is good news at this point, since it means that some potential disasters (like leaking where the old water supply line was capped off) didn't happen.

I'm thinking about renting some sort of pump or wet/dry vac to get the mud out of the basement once this is over.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes, we're following the progress! Thank you for keeping us updated.