Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Last Breath of Fall

Here is some of the beautiful fall color we had in our backyard this fall, pictured here two weeks ago on a blustery Wednesday afternoon. R and I had a good time tromping around in the leaf piles, and he helped me by putting very small handfuls of them into my leaf trashcans.

We collected enough to fill the top two layers of my compost bin (roughly 2/3 cubic yard) plus an extra trash can that didn't fit. The neat thing about leaves is that they shrink down quickly, so if you come back a week later you can put a whole bunch more in. (And I frequently need to.) See the product of our hard work?

"Why not wait until all the leaves have fallen?" you might ask. Because I tried that once. And it only took once. I made a pile of leaves I wasn't sure I could get out of. I killed half the grass in my backyard and probably irritated the heck out of my neighbors, because all of my leaves didn't stay in my yard, and halfway through I honestly didn't know what to do with them all. So now I rake each section of my yard twice a year and determinedly have lots of fun doing it. It is a good excuse to go outside in the sunshine during an otherwise rather glum time of year.

Of course, it's not so fun three days later when you see all your hard work erased...

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  1. Oh my goodness! R is so big in that photo (the one of him from behind).