Sunday, November 7, 2010

Visit to Attick Towers

Three or four times a year I put my son in a stroller and we walk the half mile or so from our house to the Attick Towers, a public housing facility for seniors who are able to live independently. It is at the intersection of Rhode Island Ave and Greenbelt Rd, which is on the way to just about everywhere from my house, and after repeatedly getting a glimpse of this through some trees as I drove by, I decided to check it out:

This place is amazing! Apparently I'm not the only one to think so. The garden is planted and maintained by the residents, who seem to grow quite a lot of food there. The beds are all slightly raised, and the soil is gorgeous. Whenever I go there are at least two people out tending their gardens; they are always friendly, though they don't usually seem to understand my English.

One thing I really like about the garden is how amazingly resourceful the gardeners are. The garden's borders, fences, and incredible trellises are all made from a variety of scrap and scrounged materials: bamboo poles, tree limbs, shower curtain rods, mattress innards, etc. Extra stakes, and tubs and buckets for collecting water are stored around the perimeter of the garden waiting to be used again.

More tomorrow....

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