Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not a Good Squash Year

Well, it is now official - this was just not a good squash year. All of my baby squash plants ended up getting borers in them, and this one that I tried to save (ETA link) finally gave up the ghost. I think I could still plant some more, but I wouldn't have time to get many squash from them and I was surprised at how late in the season the borers were able to get the baby squash. From what I'd read online they should have been done laying eggs by the time I planted that second round. I'll have to keep this in mind and cover the squash until they bloom next year. (They have to be uncovered to be pollinated, as the squash bugs are similar in size to most pollinators.) I think I'll plant a little late, too, to throw them off the scent. Luckily Maryland has a nice long growing season.

Maybe it is just a bad year for these pests. I've grown squash every year here and never had problems like this. I've noticed that many pests in this area go through noticeable population cycles - two years ago we had an incredible boom of tent caterpillars, and last year I couldn't hang laundry because the ladybugs kept laying eggs on it. (Not that I mind the ladybugs, but I don't want their eggs in my house, nor do I want to destroy them.)

PS - For any who may be wondering, yes! The long pause between posts does mean I finished chapter four!


  1. My sympathies on the squash. But my best wishes of congratulations for finishing chapter four!

  2. WooHoo! Chapter 4!! Does this mean you won't have anything to work on this evening at writing night?

  3. Yea!! for Chapter 4, was it too wet and hot for the squash ?

  4. Thanks, everyone! In the end it was 35 pages long!! We will see what my advisers say about it, though.

    @Sue - The squash plant had a squash vine borer, as did all my other plants this year - this one just lived the longest!