Thursday, August 19, 2010


ETA: In an amusing twist of fate, I neglected to publish this post when I wrote it, August 8th. So..."Finally!" is finally published.

I finally picked some of my malabar spinach, and my first Kelloggs Breakfast tomato! Some of you may recall I was eagerly anticipating this spinach by the end of June!

I messed up last spring during the tomato crisis and separated my tomato plants from their labels, so I am relieved to know that I managed to keep one of every kind of tomato I planted - what luck!


  1. That's great! It seems funny that you're getting spinach in the heat of summer.

  2. Yes, it does seem weird, but that's the point, right? It is not quite the same as spinach, though. It is has a kind of slimy texture after you bite into it. I think next year I'll try New Zealand spinach instead, although this is an awfully pretty vine. Maybe I will grow the malabar spinach as a backup/ornamental.