Saturday, July 24, 2010

Impatiens and Petunias from Seed

This year I decided not to purchase any annuals - I bought seeds instead so I could pick out kinds I would like rather than just what was available at the nursery. These "Sun-Patiens" from Park Seed are my favorites. They have done much, much better in my hanging baskets and planters than the usual spring offerings. I did plant them later in the year than they nursery personnel usually do, but they lasted so long! I finally lost the ones out front a couple weeks ago, and the ones in the back planter are starting to look old. The petunias are still going strong, though, and I have some more seeds started to take the place of the impatiens when they're gone.

I also planted some less well-known annuals that have done well but aren't quite as splashy. (Annuals should be splashy, don't you think?) I think I'll plant them from seed again next year.

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