Friday, July 30, 2010

Bonus Raspberries

A couple weeks ago a woman on Freecycle gave me several small raspberry plants. Figuring that it was July and they probably wouldn't transplant well, I took several different sizes and put three in the ground and two in pots. The two big ones in the pots died right away (probably not good planning on my part to put the big ones in pots....) One of the three in the ground died a couple days later. But the last two are still alive and kicking, filling in spots vacated by last year's deaths.

Also, while I was putting them in the ground I decided to plant the dead spot with three daylily plants I grew from seeds my friend T gave me. They were very big, as I planted them in pots in spring of 2009. I've been wanting to plant them in the dead spot since last fall, but having grown them for so long I was just kind of reluctant to risk it. Finally, I decided I'd had enough procrastinating and they were going to have to chance it. I'm happy to report they're doing well!

This fall I'll plant my garlic in my small cold frame plot. I have some special plans for that space...stay tuned!

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