Monday, April 19, 2010

Yesterday's Accomplishments

Here are some things I did yesterday that I want recorded for posterity:

planted nasturtiums (after soaking overnight)
cleaned out strawberry bed
moved some strawberries around
pulled out some irises
aerated front veggie plot (broke pitchfork)
added ~4 inches of compost to front veggie plot
clipped grass along Errol's fence/path, left on sidewalk to dry
added sulfur around blueberry bush and rhododendron
turned compost pile

I left my seedlings upstairs Saturday night to see if the warmth would help them soak up some potassium. I couldn't really tell, but I thought they looked a little better. I think next year I'll have to invest in a seedling mat or hang some kind of plastic curtain around them.

Here's a link to another blog talking about dying seedlings in an outstandingly English way. That guy's hilarious!


  1. The front flower/garden bed looks great! You should post a picture. Those strawberry plants really love it in Maryland... or do they do that well everywhere?

  2. Seedling mats are special heating pads that sit underneath flats (those large trays I put my pots in.) They keep the soil a little warmer than the surrounding air to encourage germination and nutrient uptake. Errol is the neighbor on the other side of the fence next to my garden.

  3. Nick - They seem to do real well at my sister's place in MO, too. I think if you plant strawberries where it gets real cold you're supposed to mulch them in winter.