Friday, April 23, 2010

Pea Sprouts!

Yay! My peas finally came up yesterday after a nice long day of spring rain (finally). I just love newly sprouted plants!

The lettuce in the cold frame bed is looking pretty happy now too.


  1. please plant more peas if you please- it will then take two weeks to sprout and you will have a second crop 2wks behind the first harvest

  2. Well, I would plant more peas but here in MD it is pretty pointless now. I am actually worried whether or not I will get any peas out of these ones before the weather turns on me. Once it gets warm out the pods are tougher and not as sweet. I am interested in your pea succession-planting, though. I want to know how many row-feet of peas I would have to plant to get a decent pea "harvest". Every year I plant what I think is an exorbitant amount of peas, and every year I get just enough to snack on whenever we walk past the garden. None of them even make it inside the house!

  3. You didn't even say that the pea growth was basically from one day! I was amazed how fast they grew.