Sunday, April 11, 2010

Incredible gardening weather!

What a beautiful weekend we had! I don't think I've seen two more gorgeous days put together in six years here in MD! Of course, I took advantage to get some planting and garden work done. N helped me lay out and establish my paths, and made me three more bamboo teepees, which is all I need according to "the plan". I'll take pictures of the whole thing once I get the last teepees in place. I need to decide how to stake them so I can make sure they don't take out my neighbor's fence. Any suggestions?

Among the many other tasks checked off this weekend, I planted peas and carrots. The peas should have been planted at least two weeks ago, but I think I will still get a few to snack on in the garden, which is all I ever do with them. I'm not sure how anyone grows enough peas to can. There must be a way to grow them in quantity, right? There are so many of them at the supermarket!

Next weekend is our last frost date!


  1. Hm that's your neighbors fence-- Too bad. But you know the peas don't weigh much. They wouldn't weigh down the fence course the peas may decide to produce on " their" side of the fence.I always grew bush beans so I have no words of wisdom.

  2. LOL, I was very confused by your first comment, Susan. Now I get it...I wasn't talking about the peas taking out my neighbor's fence, I was talking about the bamboo teepees blowing over in the wind and crushing it. The teepees are probably not heavy enough to do too much damage actually, but it is a nice fence and they are nice neighbors (giggle) so I would hate to damage it.

  3. I would dearly love to plant more peas! I'm worried that the ones I planted haven't come up yet. I didn't like last year's peas much so I've been really looking forward to snacking on some yummy peas this year...

  4. Two week interval is best!-- For planting peas that is !