Monday, April 5, 2010

Bean Teepee

Check out this awesome support N built for my string beans! It is tall enough that I can just reach the point where it's lashed, so he won't have to pick them for me unless they get really, really tall. He made it from bamboo that we collected at the University of Maryland campus. There was a very large stand of bamboo that's been spreading at least as long as I've been here (6 years now!) and a student group is trying to cut it all down and replace it with native species. Good luck to them! We got enough for several teepees. I'm planning to grow string and lima beans on them.
In the background you can see the new garden bed is finished. I covered it first in cardboard, then in compost. I've been collecting the cardboard for a couple of months now. It is all used, with minimal markings on it. The compost is about 30% stuff that I made and 70% stuff that was made by the city of College Park. I'm also planning to collect a 5-gallon bucket of coffee grounds from the local Starbucks and put that in to help break down the cardboard.


  1. Nice recycling. I love the fact that you found the bamboo. Hmmmm, what else could we make out of bamboo. You could go nuts and have a bamboo themed garden -- even bamboo tools.

  2. I know John! There is so much bamboo, the possibilities are endless! I stuffed as much into our little Civic as I could. You should have seen me going down the road with a bunch of 30' poles sticking out of the trunk!

  3. Where is the 2011 plan... heh heh.